Which is better: Ad-Words or SEO? WHY?

Which is better: Ad-Words or SEO? WHY?

Differentiating between two major keys of Digital Marketing Platform can be stiff; as both of them got separate space in this online era, these marketing methods help businesses to drive traffic and leads, however when we actually start pondering over them it is genuinely tough to realize which one will bring finer results.

On this page we will look at the Ad words vs. SEO debate, yet, before jumping to the conclusion let’s talk about their basic definitions.

1. What is SEO?

Shortly, SEO optimizes the websites and their content so that it appears higher on Search Engine Results Page (SERP), also SEO allows businesses to grow site’s expert, authority and trust, well on the other hand it makes website fair & and well- optimized by making certain changes that the searcher is looking for.

SEO follows few steps to move ahead-

> Crawl accessibility (so engines can read website easily)

> Compelling content (that answers the searchers query)

> Key word optimized (to attract searchers)

> Great user experience including fast load speed and compelling UX

> Share-worthy content (that earns links, citations and amplifications)

> Title, URL and description (to draw high CTR in the rankings)

Although SEO takes time and efforts, it is gift that keeps on giving.

SEO improves your site’s user experience by understanding what users are looking for. Even Google keeps reinventing the ways it finds and populates search information on its SERPs by constantly monitoring users behavior, including the time spent on a page or site, the bounce rate etc & no doubt, this is the most important Google ranking factor in SEO that cannot be ignored.

3. SEO increases Brand Visibility builds Brand Credibility and Trust!

The more relevant SERPs sites show that SEO helps to create sustained online buzz surrounding business brand, With SEO Company can draft a definitive stand out voice that will help business to connect with users demographically.

Being featured among the top search results on Google that Search Engine considers as relevant, useful and genuine also helps in establishing the authority of any business site through optimization.

4. Moving ahead on Ad Words and its importance in this Digital Marketing platforms;

Google Ad Words is a platform run by Google that enables the company to promote its website through advertisements in search results.

Over the years, with the transformation of marketing from traditional to digital, more and more businesses have made their way towards the internet. This has made the internet highly cluttered with intense competition. Apart from businesses, even the consumers increasingly rely on the internet to make their purchasing decisions.

Taking the above thought into consideration, it becomes extremely important for the businesses to clear the clutter and reach out to the target audience.

Thus, Google Ad Words is the one-stop solution that helps the businesses to reach out to their target audience immediately and delivers the desired results.

1. Increase Brand Awareness

With Google Ad Words, brands can advertise to the audience when they are researching about their product category in the search engine. Advertisers can also increase their audience size by targeting people on other websites through Google Display Network. Thus, brand awareness is one of the most common benefits of Google Ad Words.

2. Faster Result

With Google Ad Words, businesses can get the results much faster. Obviously, there is competition here as well. But the good news is along with the bid amount, the quality score of the keyword i.e. ad relevancy, landing page experience and expected CTR determines the position of the ad

3. Influence The Audience To Make The Purchase

4. Increase Ad Visibility To The High-Quality Audience

5. With Ad Words, it is possible to serve ads to the audience who are more like to make a purchase.

One of the latest updates of Google Ad Words specifically for search campaign is the data about user demographics like age, gender, parental status etc. Let’s consider an instance that you are an interior designer and your target customers are people who have a house or who are planning to construct a house.

4. Conclusion of the blog-

Ad Words vs. SEO



Placement results and on other Google-owned and partner websites

Cost for clicking

Works for both long-tail and short-tail keywords

Short-tail keywords

Time Results-


Generates traffic continuously

Placement only in search results

Google-owned and partner websites

Doesn’t cost anything when someone clicks on your listing but You pay when people click on your listing Keyword selection

Google Ads

Only generates traffic for the

Duration of campaign

can place ads in search
Works for both long-tail and

Ad words and SEO are equally important when it comes to digital marketing. They bring good traffic and increase ranking. They are divergent implements that give convergent results. AdWords are ideal for new launches and startups which need Higher reach visibility and urge to attract customers quickly to increase marketing sales.

Let’s talk in unit:-

AdWords performs well only with of Google but SEO practices are applicable in every search engines.

The SEO generates traffic in a continuous manner but AdWords brings traffic only during their campaign.

SEO places the websites only in the Google search results, but AdWords places on partner websites as well as Google websites both!

SEO is an effective way to improve the ranking in terms of organic search and is highly targeted by the help of keywords that are present in the content of your website.

But, Anyway, It is always easy to calculate the ROI using AdWords as compared to SEO. Though AdWords are a lot more expensive Whereas SEO is free of cost.

In case your service is a one-time event, Adwords is the better option because of its quick nature.

In the end to conclude everything,

Though it depends on business or goals of the company the suitability of the marketing methods yet, Opting for both SEO and Ad Words give best results !

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