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Marketing World keeps upgrading and keeps embracing new tools, tips ,tricks and trends, and today how to analyze and get best and the most reliable tools for your business and budget, is the complication.

Below, we've mentioned few Marketing Tools that are prime for various functions of your business and budget.



It is one from the list of few reliable Social Media Tools, hootsuite is the perfect tool for marketers to grow their brand on social media platforms with easy-to-use analytics.

It is the most popular among social media channels and is the one that's way quickly approaching.

Managing multiple social media accounts can be hectic and Hootsuite here provides a platform for users to connect their company's various social media accounts, their pages through the system to schedule posts, oversee branding, reply to messages from approaching audiences and so on.

The best part of Hootsuite is, this is accessible from all devices. Definitely it's one tool that marketers can't afford to miss out.

2. SEMRush

Marketers need tools to plan which keywords to rank and to make sure the created content is there as per business goals.

SEMRUSH is one ideal tool marketers use to make sure their SEO efforts are having real impact on Marketing Strategies.

This tool enables you to understand you page much better and optimize it for SEO and lead generation. In addition, SEMRUSH assists you to determine valuable keywords for your business, including awareness about keywords your competitors are using and how well they are ranked. It also gives you abundance of insights regarding how to compete your competitors.

How SEMRUSH is useful for SEO...

SEMRUSH has various reports that can assist you to determine and comprehend your business better. You always have the option to personalize your services with SEMRUSH, and the most fundamental part is that you can anytime assist tools that will monitor your business.

At the point when you first begin utilizing SEMrush you may not realize which instruments you need, to make sense of the correct devices, what are your website optimization and what instruments would work best for you. There are toolboxes for all techniques that SEMRUSH offers you.

3. Google Keyboard Planner

Google Keyboard Planner takes the hassle out reporting on all of the PPC campaigns you're running and puts in at one place

When you're working with various online media platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter it gets bit tough to manage all these at a time, luckily we have Google Keyboard Planner here.

It's the most trusted and accurate data of keywords that is google tells us via their keyword planner.

Basically this tool made by Google for advertisers so they can find keywords for their ad and cpc bidding strategy.

But as a blogger for keyword research,

In Keyword planner every keyword that you searched shows the keyword volume every month, competition even CPC, so you can get the money information behind it.

In any marketing team, the inevitable happens: there are a million files and pieces of content between everyone on your team without one place to keep it all. Organization on any team -- let alone a marketing team -- is essential. That's why it's important to have a collaborative organization tool to keep you sane.

4. Hubspot E-Mail Marketing

HubSpot is a part of CRM that automates the tasks, does more deals and less data entry. Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) not only helps sales team in managing relationships, but also gives place to deliver those generated leads to sales department.

CRMs are such an essential part of any good marketing and sales team that we believe every business should have one, and there HubSpot is one prime part of CRM. Yes, HubSpot is a complete package that let you attract visitors to your website using the inbound strategy. Here are some features of HubSpot that makes it a perfect choice for inbound marketing:

HubSpot provides you with tools for building your website and publish your content along with social media management all in one place.

HubSpot’s CRM gives you the power to create an alignment between your sales and marketing.

It gives you an ability to integrate with multiple applications like Slack, WooCommerce, etc. Thus, you need not sacrifice your favorite platforms.

It comes with a simple easy to navigate platform.

With the help of HubSpot, you can get your hands upon detailed reports with comprehensive dashboards for monitoring your performance.

5. Hotjar

Hotjar is a new and easy way to truly understand what your web and mobile site visitors are looking at when they interact with your site. With its visual heatmap tools, you can understand what users want, care about, and interact with on your site. Hotjar visually represents visitors' clicks, taps and scrolling behavior, giving you the ability to find hot areas for growth and conversion rate optimization.

If the prospect of analyzing a mountain of recordings gives you anxiety, you can take some comfort in the fact that Hotjar provides a number of features to organize and streamline this task.

Here are a few to take advantage of:

Filter – once you’ve defined your specific goals, use the filter to drill down to a set of pages, locations, devices etc. so you’re only reviewing relevant sessions.

Change the speed – you can speed up the videos up to 4x, though 1.5x or 2x will be easier to analyze.

Skip pauses – many visitors will go idle for extended periods of time in a session. You can tell Hotjar to skip these , which will speed up the review process significantly, but it will also make it harder to pinpoint where the pauses are happening.

Tag recordings – Hotjar allows for manual and automatic tagging which allows you to note important actions such as conversions, CTA clicks and more. These can then also be used as filter parameters or to group similar sessions for further analysis.

6. Canva

Canva is a great online design tool for the new as well as pro graphic designers. It has a simple to use and simple to understand UI and even a new designer can quickly grasp the concepts of creating a design.

The best thing is, it is free for individuals and small teams working on small projects.

In this free plan, you also get multiple free templates and thousands of free photos and graphics to Work on your design project.

You can create designs with custom dimensions as well as predefined dimensions as per your requirements.

You can also export your designs in the JPEG, PNG, and PDF file format. You can also share the design directly to your social media profile from the Canva itself. Overall, it is an awesome graphic design tool and quite easy to use.

7. Google Analytics

Google analytics is a well heard and known term, especially amongst e-commerce websites and entrepreneurs. Google analytics for website is essential to understand your customers’ behavior, habits, activity and their perception of you.

Google analytics is a well heard and known term, especially amongst e-commerce websites and Entrepreneurs. Google analytics for website is essential to understand your customers’ behavior, habits, activity and their perception of you.

It is evident that if you own any business online or offline, you are keen to understand your consumers’ behavioral patterns, preferences, attitude, and choices. In case of a physical store, you can personally observe your consumers’ behavior. But if you host a business online then, you might want to use Google analytics for website to know your consumers’. For an online business, the valuable insights which are available at your fingertips include:

Your site interface, Customer behavior, Where do they come from, etc.

8. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is powerful online tool that allows any user to find out what content is popular by topic or on any website. In order to provide the content that people want to know, you need to know what it popular.

It can take hours scanning all the various social sites to find out what people are talking about and what their concerns and needs are. Being able to input certain search criteria, analyzing content and finding out what is already working in your area can be priceless to a marketer to help sharpen your focus and give you direction.

Buzzsumo is that tool.

Buzzsumo can Do a lot for your Business-

Content Insights, influencer Information, Alerts, Competitor Analysis and so on..

It conveys a rundown of substance promoting related posts, arranged by Total Shares and separatedby shares crosswise over various systems.

9. Slack

Slack is a powerful, improving team collaboration and productivity.Main benefits:

Slack integrates with lot more other services including Dropbox, Asana, Google Drive, Skype, and more. Slack makes it easy to work in one place, without needing to switch between applications. Slack is highly customizable - you can make it your own in so many ways. Slack is free for an unlimited number of users, and even its paid plans are very affordable (starting at around 22 cents per user per day). Slack is easy and fun to use.

Slack has heaps of different bots that can be added, allowing you to put various tasks on autopilot. All content in Slack is easily searchable, including users, messages and files. Slack has a range of slash commands available, making it easy to quickly carry out a task or enquiry.

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