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What is App Store Optimization

App store optimization is the process of improving app visibility within the app stores and improving conversion rates.

App store optimization is a process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s result searches. App process also requires a crucial understanding of the target customer base. Reportedly, this is the most used method for discovering and downloading new applications, multiple apps are discovered through app store searches.

ASO improves visibility of the Application and helps in standing out in the app store also increases Organic App downloads and App Revenues.

‘Let your App reach Global Audience with App Store Optimization’

Here’s a list of the factors to keep in mind when optimizing the application-

1. Establish the App Store Optimization Strategy

This is the first step to take while getting App Store Optimization, researches about market and understanding users out there so that this can end up being useful in preparing app information and expansion of the app store.

These researches include preparing whole data about application from languages to keywords the users are searching for. Once you are prepared with these researches, you are almost done with the first key and now move forward to next.

2. Title of your Application

The Title gives first impression anytime and it plays a lead role when it comes to drawing the attention of the users.

When the title is appealing and effective it can end up solving few major issues beforehand thus it is mandatory to select the name of the Application wisely. Assure the name is relevant to what your app is serving and shall always be unique and easy. However when choosing the name, don’t ignore the character count.

Title is important, be wise while choosing it!

3. Keyword

Once you are done with selecting Title for your app, now you are supposed to look at keywords as this is important and aid your app to get discovered through search and related content.

A keyword is a word that users take help of while to search for apps.

Searching and selecting right keywords is a continuous process, there are plenty of App Store Optimization Tools that can be useful in looking for keywords or to find common key terms and test them. Thus, if searching for relevant keywords seems tough task then try looking for tools online that provides easy- to-use interface where you can track your keywords, analyze and get recommendations.

4. Description of App

The App description is one next vital part of app’s metadata. It informs users about the application and aware them with the overview and main features of the app, this on the other hand works for the app stores’ algorithm.

The description is one of the main areas where Google finds the keywords and rank applications.

These help the app to get discovered through search and related content but you need to make sure you don’t select similar keyword as already used in Title.

Ideally your app description is vital and shall be informative, easy-to-understand and clearly structured.

5. App Subtitle and Icon

Visuals are very important while catching the attention of users.

Visuals of attractive icon can be a reason for people to click on the app, therefore it is deemed as crucial element of App Store Optimization. While getting the application done we need to find out relevant images and visuals that conveys about the application through designs and art format. On the other hand you are now supposed to frame subtitle of the app after the framed title with the limitation of 30 characters. It is like, describing more about the app.

6. App Listing and Localization

To move your application globally you have to adapt it to be appealing to the target geo-market, this is the practice of localization. It improves the app store search visibility and expands the reach.

On the flip side you now need a way to connect with your users inside the app giving them place to talk to developer; this is more or less about ratings and localizing the application.

7. Reviews

Preparing App information and track if it is working can ultimately help in getting more downloads and leads to success of the Application.

Feedbacks matter and works as an integral part of App Store Optimization. The higher ratings catch attention of potential users and thus it is important to get reviews from customers within the app.


Get a Good Title, know your relevant keywords, find the niche of your application and keep tracking the results how your App is blooming!

App Store Optimization is a process that requires continuous efforts, to reap the rewards of the store optimization you need to invest time and efforts to drive traffics.

I did wind app those important tips to consider while working on ASO, hope it helps!

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